XVII Harmonius School of Law

XVII Harmonius School of Law, International Conference on South East European Law, organized by the HARMONIUS association-network of legal scholars and Judicial Academy, was held on the 25th of November 2022, at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. The theme of this year’s HARMONIUS School of Law was: “Offline V Online: Common Values and Fundamental Rights?”

Associate Professor Nenad Tesic, president of the HARMONIUS, Nenad Vujic, director of the Judicial Academy and Professor Bojan Milisavljevic, Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade greeted participants, professors, lawyers and law students from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia with their introductory remarks.

During four sessions dedicated to different trending legal issues with special emphasis on the public law, labor law, international public law, fundamental rights as well as private law, 13 scientific papers were presented by professors and PhD students from the Faculties in Osijek, Rijeka, Skopje, Belgrade and Banja Luka, as well as lawyers and representatives of different state institutions. All sessions were followed by lively and active discussions among participants. Students of all study levels at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law as well as participants of the Judicial Academy closely followed all the sessions. After working sessions, the organizers thanked all the participants and handed certificates to colleagues who took part in this year’s International Conference.

Papers will be published in HARMONIUS Journal of Legal and Social Studies in South East Europe for 2022.Conference

Harmonius 2022 Agenda