HARMONIUS is an independent association-network of legal scholars, whose primary objective is the harmonization of law in the region of South-East Europe with the EU law and with the general principles of international law.

Within our primary objective, we at Harmonius especially stand for:

  • The rule of law
  • Education without frontiers and science without prejudice
  • Intensive cooperation between young scientists and universities in the region of South-East Europe
  • Strengthening of democratic institutions and civil society
  • Fighting all forms of corruption
  • Protection of basic human and cultural values.

Harmonius Academy of Legal Studies achieves its objectives by the following:

  • Scientific and research activities
  • Publishing
  • Organization of scientific conferences and public debates
  • Organization of seminars, workshops, summer/winter schools and student competitions
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, institutes, professional associations and other organizations and institutions which deal with the harmonization, research and the application of law
  • Counseling in the creation of strategies, recommendations, model laws, law drafts and proposals.