About Us


The association (network) of scientists and scholars in the field of legal studies – HARMONIUS was founded in 2007. It is based in Belgrade, and it has been registered in the relevant records, by the Decree of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government, no. 130-024-00-02538/2007-07, in the register file no. 4532, under the number 13027, as the Citizens Association.

HARMONIUS was registered into the Association Register under the identity code 28015488 by the Decree of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (among the Associations) no. BU 4105/2010.



The HARMONIUS logo represents an open book with the letters IUS inscribed. The book is crowned and is protected by lions standing on their hind legs.

The Harmonius Logo clearly indicates that the rule of law, education without frontiers and science without prejudice are the values which are most highly appreciated by this society and its members.


Within our primary objective, we at Harmonius especially stand for:

  • The rule of law
  • Education without frontiers and science without prejudice
  • Intensive cooperation between young scientists and universities in the region of South-East Europe
  • Strengthening of democratic institutions and civil society
  • Fighting all forms of corruption
  • Protection of basic human and cultural values.

Governing Body


Prof. dr Nenad Tešić



President of Advisory Council

Prof. dr Vuk Radović



Project Manager

dr Filip Bojić



Harmonius Academy of Legal Studies achieves its objectives by the following:

  • Scientific and research activities
  • Publishing
  • Organization of scientific conferences and public debates
  • Organization of seminars, workshops, summer/winter schools and student competitions
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, institutes, professional associations and other organizations and institutions which deal with the harmonization, research and the application of law
  • Counseling in the creation of strategies, recommendations, model laws, law drafts and proposals.