XV Harmonius School of Law, International Conference on South East European Law, organized by the HARMONIUS association-network of legal scholars, IRZ (Deutsche Stifung für International Rechtliche Zusammenarbeit) and Judicial Academy, was held virtually, due to COVID-19 pandemic, on the 27th of November 2020. The theme of this year’s HARMONIUS School of Law was: “Iustinianus or Tribonianus; To Whom Lawyers Should Pay a Tribute?”.

Assistant Professor Nenad Tesic, president of the HARMONIUS association, dr Stefan Pürner, Attorney at Law, Head of Section for “South – East Europe I” (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) and Nenad Vujic, director of the Judicial Academy, greeted participants, professors, lawyers and law students from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia with their introductory remarks.

In the introductory panel that treated COVID-19 and the effects of the pandemic, Dr. Stefan Pürner, as well as Professor Dejan Bodul from the University of Rijeka Faculty of Law presented their views and papers. 14 other scientific papers were also presented on the following four sessions by the professors from the Faculties in Osijek, Trebinje, Skoplje, Belgrade and Rijeka as well as judges and lawyers from Serbia and Croatia. All sessions were followed by lively and active discussions among participants.

Papers will be published in Harmonius Journal of Legal and Social Studies in South East Europe No. 2020/1.

Conference Program